40 Amazing Resources That Will Help You To Learn Korean

If you want to learn Korean, you first have to decide where to get all the informations from. You might be a total beginner, who has to start by learning Hangul, or you might be a little bit advanced. You still have to find the right place to learn Korean! And this can be quite difficult at first, because the internet is such a huge place with so many possibilities.

To make it easier for you, we decided to give you a list with the 50 best websites to learn Korean. We did not list them in a particular order, but rather just wrote them down as we found them. We looked through all of them and we believe that they all can be helpful for learning Korean.

Lets get to it!

Websites and Blogs

Korean Class 101 offers courses for every kind of Korean learner. They have great stuff for beginners, intermediates and everybody else. The classes are build upon each other and the website offers a lot of cool learning tools that you cannot find on other sites. Definitely worth checking out.

Talk To Me In Korean offers a lot of free materials for Korean language learner. You can find numerous videos on their blog, a fun podcast and a lot of helpful stuff. They make learning Korean really fun and the community behind the website is huge and helps the help each other out.

How To Study Korean has a huge collection of free Korean lessons. They take you from learning Hangul to becoming a native Korean speakers. The amount of lectures on the website can be at first overwhelming, but once you are in it you will love it. They also have many of their lessons in Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Learning Hangul is the basic of learning the Korean language. If you skip this step, you are not going anywhere. So make sure to check out this website dedicated to the Korean alphabet. Each letter is beautifully explained and you also get some historical background about Hangul.

LearnKorean.net is another website that provides basic Korean lectures in an easy to understand way. Learn the basics of Korean grammar and make sure to check out their forum, where you can ask questions and get help from other Korean learners.

LearnKorean.com offers free lectures for Korean language learners that are fun and easy to understand. Make sure to visit their forum for more explanations and deeper conversations about learning Korean.

90 Day Korean has a bold promise for you. You can learn Korean in 90 days! That’s right. Is that really possible? Visit them and try it out. I have to say that it helped me a lot and they really make it fun to learn Korean. And the best things is that it is for free. They also put out some Korean expression on their blog regularly, which will help you even more. They use the 80/20 principle which does work for a lot of things, not only learning Korean.

The Sogang University has some really good lectures for you. They are known for their incredible good Korean language education. You should check them out to see, if a more traditional educational approach is better for you. It might not be as fun as many other Websites on this list, but it is worth having a look.

Rosetta Stone has been on the forefront of language learning for many years now. And the simple reason is that they are really good. It is that simple. They have a Korean language course that will lift your Korean to the next level. It is not free, but maybe the only Korean course that you should consider paying for, if you really want your Korean to be super good. Just visit their website, have a look and decide for yourself, if the course is right for you.

The Korean Champ is a blog I recently stumbled upon and I have to say that I enjoyed reading its content and explanation. They have a study group and a podcast if you like to get your Korean lectures in an audio format. I also like their video lectures which will help, especially, beginners to understand the Korean language much better.

Rocket Languages provide a Korean course that you can try out for free and it doesn’t require anything. The good thing about this course is that you learn so much more than just Korean. They really tried to make the learning process an incredible experience, by including a lot of Korean cultural aspects. They also haven a mobile app, if you want to learn Korean on your mobile phone or tablet.

The Learn Korean Online Website is run by a native English speaker, who started exactly where you are today. Form zero! Just watch his video and you will get an idea on how much this dude can help you with your Korean language abilities. You just have to sign up with your email address and he will send you a couple of helpful and free videos.

The Coursera Korean Course is brought to you by the Yonsei University. I love the way they put so much stuff out there on Coursera and the course will help you greatly. The course is free and you will get taught by a real Korean university educator, who knows her stuff. And by the way. If you don’t like the course you should definitely check out all the other subjects on Coursera. I love that website.

Korean Lesson is for you, if you prefer 1:1 sessions with a Korean teacher. They offer the service for Korean learner in Korea and overseas. Just get the Trial lesson and decide if this is for you. It might get you to the next level. This one is maybe more helpful for intermediate learners of Korean.

Easy To Learn Korean is one hack of an entertaining language learning website. I love their illustrations and they really put effort on their materials. They teach you expressions and words for specific areas of life and this helps a lot to memorise certain things. Also check out their book, because it is totally worth the money.

Visit Korea is the official website of the Korean tourist organisation and they offer a lot of free lectures, to get you ready for Korea.  I have to admit that I find their way of teaching Korean a little bit boring. Nevertheless, it will help you a lot, if you are planning on visiting Korea. It also provides a lot of other helpful informations about Korea that might be even more interesting than the learning part.

Seoulistic is more of a Korean travel blog than a language learning website. But they do have some interesting articles about learning Korean and they are worth reading. My favourite is the “How to sound Korean” video. Additionally, the website will teach you a lot about traveling Korea, which should come in quite handy when you go their.

Korean From Zero offers a variety of free lectures and some fun videos, which should help you to learn Korean. They also have a book worth checking out. But just start with their free stuff to see, if it is the right learning approach for you. They also have a free PDF of their lectures which might help you, when you want to learn offline.

The Korean Vitamin Blog is another little gem I found recently. Their articles will help you with your Korean and they also introduce and compare Korean language learning books in a very sweet way. And other things like Korean Drama and Kpop are also a part of their life. Check it out and make sure you get enough of this healthy vitamin.

Emily Learns Korean and she will help you to do the same. This Tumblr is a good example of all the good resources you can find online. She really puts her heart into this and it is really fun to read. Emily explains different words and the Korean grammar in an easy to understand way.

The Korean Cafe will help you to learn Korean by teaching you, what your favourite Kpop bias is actually singing about. Sounds fun? It is! They break down some lyrics and translate words and phrases into English for you. Make sure to check it out and learn the lyrics to your favourite Kpop songs.

Some More Links






Youtube Channels

Sweet and Tasty is a Youtube Channel with a lot of funny and entertaining videos that will help you to learn basic Korean phrases, words and expressions in no time. If you are looking for the most fun way to learn Korean, this might be for you.

Go Billy Korean is the second Youtube Channel on this list that will help you to learn Korean in no time. The lectures are well structured and Billy explains things very well. Especially Korean learner who have difficulties with Grammar should check out his videos. Did I mention that the videos are fun? Well, they are and that makes learning so much easier.

My Korean Husband is our third and final Youtube Channel for Korean learners. They are actually more focused on the Korean culture than on language, but they have some funny videos for beginners. I also love their drawings, which will help you to understand certain Korean expressions a little bit better. Definitely worth a look.


Korean Made Simple

Korean from Zero!

Korean for Beginners

Essential Korean Grammar

Yonsei Korean

Apps and More



Naver Dictionary

Also check our article on the best resources for Japanese learners. Good luck and we hope that your language skills evolve.

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