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We have visited Japan a lot of times and it is always interesting to see the similarities and differences between Korea and Japan. But what really helped us on our tours was the ability to speak a little bit of Japanese. Today, we want to introduce you to a handful of resources that will help you to learn Japanese. It is just a short list of websites and services that helped us and we really think that you should try them out for yourself. Especially if you are planning on going to Japan, these learning resources will be very helpful for you.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese. We think this one is definitely one of the best resources for new Japanese learners on the internet. You get free lessons for beginners and everything is explained in an easy to understand way. This one really helped us, to get started with Japanese. I especially like the grammar part, because i couldn’t find anything similar to this. Check it out here.

Japanese Pod 101. This Youtube Channel is the right choice for everybody who likes to learn through videos. We really enjoy their lessons and it helps a lot with our speaking abilities. The lessons are short and rather easy to understand, which makes it more fun to learn. Watch their videos here.

Master Japanese. This book is our go-to-guide and maybe the best book for Japanese learners. You will start as a beginner and you will finish the book as a Japanese speaker. If you want to buy a book for your studies, than we highly recommend this one. You can find the book here.

The Hiragana Ninja. If you hate boring textbooks and you want to have fun during your studies, this website is for you. You can find everything a Japanese learner could ever ask for and much more. It is a fun way of learning and we had some good times going through the provided materials. Check the Hiragana Ninja out here.

Memrise. If you like Flashcards and you want to learn on your smartphone, Memrise is for you. They have a lot of flashcards ready for you and you can just go through all of them for free. It is a wonderful way of learning Japanese and it really helped us in building our vocabulary.

Learn Japanese Online. Our last tip is not for everybody, because it is a German website. But if you are German, than please visit this website because it is the best learning website in the German market. You will find wonderful explanations and you will become a Japanese speaker very soon. Visit Learn Japanese Online!

We hope that some of the resources will help you to learn Japanese and we would love it, if you could share your beste ressources for learning Japanese in the comment section below.

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